About Authors

Faith in Jesus has made us true followers of Christianity, and we consider him as our Savior who is ready to forgive our sins and embrace us into his divine arms whenever we are in harm’s’ way. Most of the bloggers here are ardent believers of Jesus and are followers of the Lutheran Church. The Lutheran church where the words of God is preached and explained. The Bible is the Word of God and is the source of all faith. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins and he is the gift of salvation. The Gospel is the law that directs our lives.

As part of the common faith, it is a fact that all Christian denominations are part of the Holy Church. We feel it our duty to inform our followers of the open door sessions that are being conducted in major cities, where all people are welcomed with open arms and the Word of God is preached. The church is crucial to receive the word of God and forgive our sins. Every member of the church has special gift or talent that is spread in the community.

As true Christians, we believe in the church and the community as a whole. Being faithful disciples and responsible for active learning teaching the ways of God, we feel it to be our moral responsibility to spread the love of Jesus. We wish to strengthen the ties between people and the church.

Blessed are those who find wisdom in the preachings of Jesus, Our Saviour and Our King!