Christianity has been around for several centuries. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The cross is often regarded as a symbol of Christianism. Throughout history, Christianity has weathered several debates regarding the different theologies. But one thing has stood still and remains unchanged, the symbol of the cross. Interestingly, this symbol has found its way into jewellery as well. Jewellery forms a crucial part of how different cultures express their religious affiliation and even can be used as a social barometer. In recent times, jewellery has gone mainstream by being marketed as must-have fashion accessories. Thousands of years ago, jewellery was viewed as a spiritual symbol that was used to express their religious belief. It was usually worn by the elite and the noble to symbolise their rank as well as power over the others around them. As time went by, there came a period when it was dangerous to display one’s religious affinity so brazenly. Even today is some corners of the world, people fear to display their religious symbols for fear of being persecuted by others in their area. The cross has and still remains the most popular symbol that stands for Christianity. If you see a tiny cross dangling from a charm bracelet or as a pendant hanging on a gold chain, one’s mind automatically jumps to Christianity. The cross actually symbolises the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion and is actually a reminder to the Christians of the sacrifice He made for them.Read More →