About Us

E-grace is an informative website on Christian theology and Bible preaching. We are an independent source of research community that offers views and news on faith. A team of passionate writers and believers in Christ have compiled the website to provide access to everyone on God and his teachings. We are inspired and driven by people from different walks of live who want to understand and experience Christian faith to make their life meaningful. There are many resources that can make you understand the concept of religion and these are available in various formats of audio, video and text.

Christianity  shares a rich history and people consider it a wonderful faith, wanting to learn more about it. Our team of writers and believers of Jesus, take these teaching to the people through modern communication means like the internet. We believe in satisfying the individual search by providing them personalized answers to their questions. We translate the Holy Scripture in a language that is easy for you to understand.

We cater to the Christian Theology and Christian Way of Life. We provide extensive details in each topic to cater to your needs. The topics are prepared keeping in mind the interest of the people in Christianity. Some of the topics are related to Art, Church background, Prayer, Politics, Salvation, Worship, Jesus and Family.

At e-grace we believe that religion is not practiced only at the Sunday Morning Mass. We incorporate faith into your day to day life through our counselling sessions available online on life, family, marriage, relationships, jobs and more.