Some basic beliefs of Christianity

Some basic beliefs of Christianity

God and Christ

The study of God is called theology. It is a fundamental belief of Christianity. It is considered that god exists in person and personality. The writers of the Bible believe that God exists and open with words which say that the heavens and the Earth were created by God and that he is the creator and source of all life. Nature has taught us about the existence of a creator and we understand the presence of a higher power. God is a spirit and does not favour idle worship as he is formless and we know that. Although he is a spirit God has a personality based on the names given to him or claims he has made himself. God exists in three persons-the Father, the son, the holy spirit. There is only one God. God knows everything and is powerful. Being present everywhere at the same time he is unchangeable and eternal. God is just and righteous and at the same time merciful and gracious. The study of Christ is called Christology. Without a saviour who was the promised redeemer Christianity would not be what it is. Jesus was the son of God but was born to human parents. He had normal physical needs like that of a human being. He died on a cross to atone the sins of mankind.

Holy Spirit and man

The study or doctrine of the holy spirit is called Pneumatology. The holy spirit has a personality like God. The holy spirit dwells in believers and convicts them of their sin. The study of man is called anthropology and deals with the origin and nature of man. It’s a study to understand why and where did man come from. Christians believe that man was created by God and man did not obey God. This is how he sinned and as a result got a finite physical life.

Church and prayer

One of the few institutions established by God in this world is the church. Ecclesiology is the study of doctrine of church. Church originated from the Greek word which means ‘to call out from’. The church was established for worshipping God and to bring glory to him on the Earth. Not attending church leads to false doctrine. Prayer is very important to a Christian. In fact it is so important that the Bible says that neglecting the prayer makes the Lord grieve. Prayer is seen as a means of communication with God.

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