Are there rituals in Christianity?

Are there rituals in Christianity?

A set form of worship

Rituals in religions are a set form of worship. Symbolic physical actions are involved in rituals. Some examples of these rituals are making the sign of a close, lifting the host during the catholic mass or before entering a pew, genuflecting. Belief in God which is expressed by way of doing certain things or rituals is called religion. Rules and rituals are some common parts of religion. For example a follower of islam or Judaism and observes certain do’s and don’t as defined by the religion. Rituals are a main part of other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism too. Richmond are dominantly followed in Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic and High Church services.

The rituals for Israel’s worship of God was set by the Mosaic Law. They included ceremonial laws to be observed. Very specific laws were followed which included sprinkling of blood, sprinkling of water, washing of clothes etc. The old Testament rituals are not supposed to be regular part of worship. The scripture clearly mentioned that the gifts and sacrifices are all external regulations which apply till the new order comes in. We are not bound by these external regulations today.

Devotion is to the lord and not rituals

The New Testament does not make recitation, ceremonies or physical gestures compulsory for worship. We should be devoted to the Lord and not to the rituals. Christianity is about accurately interpreting the Bible. It is not based any rules or rituals. It is completely based on relationships. Those who believe in Christ are Gods own children. The new Testament propagates some rights and ordinances. These are baptism and communion. Even here there are no rules or details mentioned about the methods to use. Water is needed for baptism and bread and cup for communion. Churches can decide to use lakes or even swimming pools to baptise people. The Bible does not lay down any specific rules for the communion. The frequency of the meal, the kind of bread, how much of alcohol in the cup and who should administer it can be decided by the church. There is a format that all churches usually follow and this can be considered a ritual. If everything is done in a particular order it is not wrong. Only when it gets rigid and the holy spirit does not feel free to operate it means things have gone too far.

Empty rituals are wrong

It is not wrong to follow rituals. It is empty rituals, which are wrong. These do not allow you to have a good relationship with God. Rituals should not be allowed to replace devotion.


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