A wedding is a lovely celebration of the union of two souls. A Christian wedding ceremony is made of many elements which emphasize on the celebration, worship, reflection of joy as well the community. Dignity, respect and last but not least, love. There is no specific wedding ceremony pattern according to the Bible, leaving room for creative touches according to the wishes of the bride and the groom. At the end of the day your wedding is a testimony before God about your promise to love and respect each other till death do you part. In recent times, the Christian wedding ceremony has imbibed many new events to make it a more memorable and lovely experience for the couple, their families and their guests.  Wedding event managers recommend having the wedding party pictures taken at least 90 minutes before the starting of the ceremony to ensure that everyone looks fresh and sharp.  With the traffic being extremely unpredictable, it would be a good idea to have the entire wedding party assembled at the location at least fifteen minutes before the ceremony is about to start. Hiring a wedding event management sites, like  www.kiyoh.in, Blue Wings Weddings, Soleil Bliss, etc. can help ensure that everything goes according to plan without a hitch. If you want your Christian wedding to be perfect in every sense, experts advise learning more about the biblical significance of the wedding traditions, by browsing sites like www.christianitytoday.com. It will make your ceremony more heart-warming as you acceptRead More →

The Church The True Church We believe that the Church is both the body and the bride of Christ, that it is a living organism, united in Him in spirit, faith, and fellowship. We believe that every person born again since the Day of Pentecost is baptized into this body, and membership therein has no relevance to membership in any organized local church. We believe that any person, Jew or Gentile, may become a member of the true Church through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that every person baptized by the Holy Spirit into this body receives all of the rights and privileges and responsibilities thereof, shares in all of the hopes and promises, becomes a new creation, whose citizenship is in heaven, and not on the earth. The Local Church We believe that the local Church was formed for the convenience of the believers, that membership therein in no way constitutes salvation, and that every local congregation of believers is composed of both believers and non-believers. We believe that the local Church is not an organism, but is an organization of persons the sole function of which is the edification of believers and their preparation and equipping for their personal ministries. We believe that the organized system of religion in the world is characterized by apostasy, and that, at the rapture, most of the greater body of professing Christendom will not be removed from the earth, but will remain here to enter theRead More →

“There is an old saying worth repeating that is most effective in the ministry to the lost: ‘Strike a circle of three feet around the cross, and keep your conversation within it!’” “The effect of true ministry is to put the soul in direct contact with God. False ministry is the bringing in of something between the soul and God.”Read More →

“The great secret of growth is, the looking up to the Lord as gracious. How precious, how strengthening it is to know that Jesus is at this moment feeling and exercising the same love towards me as when He died on the cross for me.” “A Christian has new motives.- If I see a man walking through the world without things here affecting him; I say, ‘He is either mad – or risen with Christ.’ Alas! we are not as consistent as madmen.” “We are entitled to forget ourselves, we are entitled to forget our sins, we are entitled to forget all but Jesus.” Beloved, if we can say as in Romans 7, “In me (that is, in my flesh) dwelleth no good thing,” we have thought quite long enough about ourselves; let us then think about Him who thought about us with thoughts of good and not of evil, long before we had thought of ourselves at all. Let us see what His thoughts of grace about us are, and take up the words of faith, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”Read More →

“Full many a rapturous minstrel Amid those courts of light Will say of his sweetest music “I learned it in the night!” And many a rolling anthem That fills the Father’s home Sobbed out its first rehearsal In the shade of a darkened room.”Read More →