Foundational Doctrines of Christianity

Foundational Doctrines of Christianity

Understand the basics

There are eight foundational doctrines of the faith and knowing them all will enable you to understand the basics of the Christian faith. And if anybody questions your faith, you will be in a position to stand strong and let them know about your faith.

The beliefs

The Bible
Human authors were guided by the holy spirit and that is what they wrote in the Scriptures which is so accurate and without any errors. Through reading and understanding the Bible we know its real value and apply it to our lives.

The way we view God will have an impact on how we live. God is everything. He is a spirit, he is life, he is a person. God does not change. He is a unity and always works out. His only purpose is to guide us and oversee all of us.

Jesus Christ was God in human form. He is a part of the Trinity who lived amongst mankind and died for them. He resurrected and came back so that man could live with him forever.

The holy spirit
Being the third person of the Trinity the holy spirit is also God and has his personality. What brings us to salvation and Christ is the work of the holy spirit. The holy spirit empowers us to serve the Lord and be spiritual.

The Bible views people as different from animals. People have been created in the same way and likeness of God. Because our ancestors failed to obey God, they introduced sin in the world which then caused the need for reconciliation to God.

Receiving salvation from Christ on the cross is considered to be the most significant experience in life. This involves justification, regeneration, conversion and gives us an eternal life with Christ.

The church which was created by God is a place for Christians to assemble together and help each other out by enabling them to reach out to each other.

Connect with God

All these beliefs help in forming a relationship with God. This connection we create with God will last a lifetime


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