Christian Theology Losing Its Direction

Christian Theology Losing Its Direction

The Need for Theology To Evolve and Become Relevant

Yes, theology isn’t about creating facts. It has to dwell upon understanding the religion and presenting it in the aptest possible fashion. It has to do with coming up with meaningful conclusions for the events that have already taken place. In a world that borders on decay, the role of Christian Theology needs to evolve. It should push humanity in the right direction, instead of remaining theoretical and academic in its purview.

Theology Needs Greater Awareness

Humankind is burdened with the consequences of their actions. Environmental degradation, along with undesired uses of technology, has threatened the inherent goodness of humanity. Yes, theology can’t solve their problems, but it can create the right mental attitude in individuals and communities to approach problem-solving correctly. It is in this fundamental task that Christian Theology has failed humankind.

Lack of goal understanding
Another crucial problem with the approach of current theologians is that they don’t function in a goal-oriented fashion. It needs to be understood that their studies, analyses, and research should be aimed towards specific goals. What might those goals be?

Well, humankind needs to lead a purposeful life towards the fulfillment of the tasks given by the almighty. These are the goals of humanity, and theology needs to be an integral part of the factors responsible for the accomplishment of these objectives. So, theology should help humans in completing their journey whose ultimate destination is God’s home.

When Jesus Christ revealed Himself to humankind, there must have been specific reasons and purposes. Theology needs to seek these primary and fundamental answers. And believers need to understand that these answers will take them closer to the truth. At the same time, solving the challenges of humankind will become a seamless process once these purposes are discerned thoroughly.

These responsibilities can’t be left on the shoulders of academic theologians or theologians of the church. All believers need to play their part in understanding these concepts. The interpretations of different people regarding these will be different. However, this doesn’t imply that most people would be wrong.

Multiple conclusions simply present different versions of the truth. It is highly likely that all of them will be true in their own way as long as they are well thought and logical. The subjective nature of theology and God’s wishes ensure that many interpretations of facts can be accurate despite being seemingly contradictory.

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