Interesting Facts About Jesus Christ

Interesting Facts About Jesus Christ

People might have learnt about the life of Jesus Christ from the Bible. Several other interesting facts are unknown even for people who have read the Bible. Archaeological studies and several historical researchers have come up with specific exciting facts about Jesus. The following strange realities about Jesus would surprise you.

He Preached Early

You can know from scriptures that Jesus preached even as a child. He was teaching the adults in the temple when he was only 12 years. It made his parents astonished. Jesus asked his parents not to worry as he is in his father’s house. It is the only incident mentioned in the Gospel about his preaching at an early age.

Started His Ministry In 30 Years

Though he was aware of the purpose of his life from an early age, he did not venture out for his ministry. He began to preach and started to visit various places only when he was 30 years old. This is because due to the custom and tradition, 30 years is considered as a matured age for preaching. Levites consider this age as the right age for a job.

Shared Parables

You might have read through scriptures that Jesus always shared parables to make his preaching easy and interesting. People found it easy to understand his teaching as it was in the form of short stories.  There is evidence from the scriptures that people could not understand some of his parables.

Birth Of Jesus

It is said that the year when Jesus Christ was born as per the calendar currently being used is wrong. Jesus would have born between 4 and 6 BC. This is evident as King Herod died in 4 BC, but we know King Herod ordered to kill the male child during the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Worked With Wood And Other materials

Jesus was not only a carpenter as he worked with various kind of building materials like stone, metal etc. He was known for his construction skills. He worked as an apprentice to his father Joseph and have travelled to various places in and around Galilee to build houses with multiple structures.

Spoke Several Languages

It is said that Jesus spoke in several languages. This is evident from the scriptures. You can read some Aramaic words from the scriptures uttered by Jesus. Jesus was aby birth, and thus he spoke Hebrew. It is also said that Jesus would have known Latin and Greek languages, but there is no substantial evidence of the same.

Jesus Was A Non-Vegan

There are no restrictions for people in eating meat according to the scriptures. God restricted the consumption of certain unclean foods. You might have read in Gospels that Jesus ate fish during his preaching and the Passover lamb at the hold day.

Jesus Was Not Beautiful

There is no evidence from the scriptures on how Jesus looked. Based on the prophecy of Isaiah you can understand that he had less beauty and majesty. Thus he was less attracted by his appearance.

Jesus Performed Miracles

During his life on the earth, there is evidence from the Bible that Jesus performed several miracles. He gave life to people; he made the dumb ears to hear and prayed for the eyesight of people.

The above are some of the interesting facts that you must know about Jesus Christ.


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