Unknown Interesting Facts About Bible

Unknown Interesting Facts About Bible

Bible is the Holy Book of the Christians all over the world. There are various exciting facts that people are unaware of. Bible is divided into two books namely Existing Testament and New Testament. You can read about the creation of earth and prophecies of various people in the Old Testament. New Testament is all about the birth of Jesus and his preaching. Here is the list of different facts about the amazing Bible.

Original Languages Of Bible

You would be reading the bible in your own regional language. Are you aware of the original language in which it was written? .The books of Existing Testament was mostly written in Hebrew as the people who read the Bible spoke Hebrew. Some of the books of Old Testament were written in Aramaic. The books of New Testament were written in Greek, the language of the people during that time.

Words In The Bible

In the Bible’s original language, it is said that  Bible is nearly 611, 00 words long. This would vary when you come across Bibles in your regional languages. Translators might have made use of extra words so that they can translate it right.

Longest And Shortest Book

The longest book of the Bible is Jeremiah as it contains the most significant number of chapters compared to other books of  Bible. It is present in Old Testament and talks about the prophecies of Jeremiah. The shortest book of the bible is III John as it contains only one chapter in it. You can complete reading the book in a minute.

Authors Of Bible

Different traditional authors wrote each book of the Bible. God’s men like Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, Solomon etc. wrote some of the books of the Bible. There are still some books of the Bible whose author is unknown. People who wrote the Bible were from a different occupational background. They were Fisherman, shepherds, Kings, Doctors, farmers and other professions.

Songs In The Bible

You can find some songs in the Bible which were sung to glorify the God. The book of Psalm contains nearly 150 songs, and you can find some 30 other songs in both the Old Testament and New Testament.


Trinity is the primary belief of Christians all over the world. But it is peculiar that the word Trinity is not present in the Bible.  You can find the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost in the scriptures but not the word Trinity.

Commanding Book

The most commanding or bossiest book is the book of James. You can find the maximum number of command words in the book of James.

Dreams In the Bible

God used to talk with prophets, Godly man or ordinary people through dreams. There are nearly 21 dreams that you can read in the Bible. Some of the dreams mentioned in Bible are the dream of Joseph in the New Testament and the dream of Joseph in the Old Testament.

The above are some of the interesting facts that you might not be aware of the Holy Book Bible.


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