Critical Facts About Jesus and Christianity that Nobody Denies

Critical Facts About Jesus and Christianity that Nobody Denies

Some may say that not all the stories which are in the Bible are true. And some may deny that Jesus was a prophet or a Messiah in reality. But here are some key facts which historians found which prove, some of the vital life events either which happened with Jesus, or events, which happened during the lifetime of Jesus. Here are the facts.

Biblical events about Jesus which proved to be real

Jesus was crucified on orders from Pontius Pilate
This is a fact that you can read about in several books, written by Roman historians such as Tacitus. His writings prove that Jesus was crucified.

The resurrection of Jesus
The resurrection of Jesus was the key trigger to the birth of the religion that’s called Christianity today. There are several types of Christianity, with the Catholic Church being the primary and most significant follower of Jesus and the Holy Trinity. They genuinely and firmly believe Jesus resurrected and appeared in front of his earliest followers and students.

Jesus Christ converted Saul
Saul was a deep non-believer before. He was strictly non-Christian and a non-believer. He was made to become a believer by the resurrecting Jesus appearing in front of him. This was the critical event, which has converted Saul, to become Paul. Today, one of the leading prophets. He also participated in writing the Bible’s New Testament. The descriptions of Saul are clear. They do not seem to be hallucinations at all.

Jesus also converted James
Not many people are aware, but Jesus had several half-brothers. One of them was James. James was not a believer in Christianity or God. Then he had his brother appearing before him. Engaging him in conversations. After he had physically died. These conversations have made James a believer. And later on, he too has participated in the writing of the New Testament.

The tomb where Jesus was buried had become empty

This is also a fact, which several historical resources write about. Without doubt, no matter if you are a believer in resurrection or not. This seems to be a fact. The tomb of Jesus had somehow become empty, days after his body was buried there.

No matter if you are religious or not, historically all these events are exciting because they were all triggers to significant happenings later on. Most importantly, the birth of a whole religion and belief-system. And most importantly, these also prove that Jesus existed.


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