Interesting Facts And Beliefs Of Christianity

Interesting Facts And Beliefs Of Christianity

Christianity is a popularwhich practised by a majority of people around the world.belief is based on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the early days, a small group believed Jesus and they started to proclaim the good news to people all over the world. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of people practising Christianity.

The article below discusses some of the facts and beliefs of Christianity.


There are some common beliefs of Christians based on the Bible. Christians believe the following, and this serves as a basis for their trust in Jesus Christ.

  •         Christians firmly believe in the fact that there is only one God. God exists in three forms as The Father, The Son And Holy Ghost.
  •         They firmly believe in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection on the third day. They believe that Jesus died for the sins of the mankind.
  •         They firmly believe that Jesus is still alive today and he might come one day to this world, which is called as Second Coming.
  •         They make use of Cross as their symbol.

Doctrines Of Jesus Christ

Jesus lived in this world for nearly 33 years. In the late three years, Jesus wandered around various places and preached people. He made use of parables with hidden messages so that he can make people understand his teachings easily. Some of the essential doctrines of Jesus Christ are

  •         Love others as yourself. Love even your enemies.
  •         Forgive people who have done things against you.
  •         Repent for your sins.
  •         Do not judge others based on your views.
  •         Help the poor and the needy.

The Holy Book-Bible

Bible is the Holy book of Christianity which is dived into two parts namely Old Testament and New Testament. It contains nearly 660 books written by various authors. The Old Testament mainly deals with the life of Jewish people, the kingdom of various Kings, the laws followed by Jews, prophecies by various prophets. The Old Testament rightly predicts the coming of Messiah to the world.

The New Testament mainly contains the birth and life of Jesus Christ. You can also read his preaching in the four Gospels. There are various letters complied in the New Testament which offers advice on how to manage the Churches

Other Christianity Facts

The Ten Commandments mentioned in the Old Testament is considered as the basic principles to be followed by every .

  •         Roman Catholics are the dominantdenomination in the world.
  •         There are nearly 800 million Protestant Christians in the world.
  •         Bibles are translated to various regional languages around the world.
  •         Some of the festivals of Christianity are Advent, Christmas, Easter, Lent, Good Friday etc.
  •         Some of the prominent people in Christianity that you read in Bible are Moses, Abraham, Paul and Mary.
  •         Christians believe in devils, Holy Spirit, angels, salvation, heaven and hell.
  •         You can find Christianity practised mainly in North and South America and also in Europe.
  •         The disciples of Jesus Christ travelled all over the world to propagate about the life of Jesus Christ and the salvation offered by him.

The above are some of the interesting facts and beliefs of Christianity.


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