Things To Know About Christian Theology

Things To Know About Christian Theology

The word theology refers to God and his words. It is also known as the study of God. It is based on the facts and doctrines available in Bible. theology should unite people together but it is unfortunate that people divide themselves based on the various theologies about Christ. You can better understand the differenttheologies when you read the Bible in depth. There were several theologians in the ancient days who laid a foundation for some criticaltheologies.  The article talks about some of thetheologies that you must be aware of.

Bible The Basis Of Theology

Severaltheologies are based on the biblical revelations. God communicated directly with certain people or through angels which led to biblical revelations. God also spoke through prophets. Trinity and incarnation are certain theologies that can be understood with the help of Scriptures of the Bible. It is also said that the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote the various books of the Bile.


The fundamental theology of Christianity is the existence of one God for humankind. There are several verses in the Bible to prove that there exists only one God and he created the world and humankind. Though it is a mystery to understand the nature of God, you must be inspired by the Holy Spirit to know about him.


This is also a fundamental theology that is believed by Christians all over the world. People believe in the Father- The Jehovah, The Son-Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. They consider the three people as a single entity and refer to them as trinity God. There are several books in the Old Testament which would help to understand the existence of the three forms of God. Trinity is the core faith of the majority of Christians all over the world.


It is nothing but a study of the life and his contributions to the world. You would learn in detail about his teachings during his three years of life for the people. There are several scriptures of the Bible talking about the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. It is all about understanding how Jesus lived as a human and as a God in this world. He suffered all the pains and temptations of an ordinary man, but he was able to overcome it with the help of his Father.

You might have read some of the theologies of Christianity in books of New Testament. You can find them in the letter written by St. Paul to the Churches of early days. These letters explain clearly about crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Theologians like Luther, John Calvin and other came out with various significant theologies which created a significant impact on people.

There were various concepts and difference in theology which led to the formation of different denominations in Christianity. Theology must unite people and not divide them. Some of the popular theology are Paterology, Christology, Pneumatology, Bibliology,Anthropology, Angelogy, Eschatology etc.

The above are some of the essentialtheologies that you must be aware of.


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