Understanding The Value Of Prayers To Succeed In The Examination

Understanding The Value Of Prayers To Succeed In The Examination

In the coming years, millions of teens at junior colleges and universities are going to take up their final exams and move to the next stages in their lives. This period in a student’s life is very important and it is definitely stressful and hectic. It is important that the student prepares well so that he/she can secure high marks. The student should not focus only on preparations but should also have faith in god during exams. Today NEET entrance is garnering all the attention for its toughness to crack the test. NEET coaching centres are striving hard to prepare students to come out with good scores. http://www.newtimes.co.rw/children-education/spiritual-development-what-its-significance-learners reveals that spiritual development can be crucial for young learners.

Prayer before a Test Or Exam will Boost our Confidence

Exam Prayers For Your ChildIt is important for the student community to pray before appearing for any exam. It will give a peace of mind and boosts confidence for the students.

It has always been the tradition of students to pray only during their exams like the saying which goes “As long as there are exams, there will be prayers in school”. Not only students, there are so many people who pray when they need something and forget god when the need is satisfied. Prayer is a means of communication which brings God closer to us.

Kinds of Prayers Help Students to Face the Exams

Generally prayers are of four kinds.

  • Prayer of Petition- To satisfy our personal needs.
  • Prayer of Intercession- To pray for others needs.
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving- To thank the almighty god for all his favours towards us.
  • Prayer of Praise- To praise god expecting nothing in return.

These four kinds of prayers help students to face the exams with peace and perspective. We must not only pray to god to remember all the things we have studied but also thank god who guided us to this position in life and also for offering us the education. We should also thank god for creating our human body with its rightful features. There has always been that one person in our lives who is our guide, teacher and tutor, who plays an important role in our lives: The Holy Spirit. He provides the wisdom and knowledge we require during the time of exams. There are some students who have trust on saints like St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Joseph of Cupertino, and St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer and Its Differences it Makesand worship them every time. St. Arnaud Franc who is a pastor from the University of Toulouse wrote a small and a strong prayer for children so that it will be useful to them during the period of exams. Also we should not fail to thank our holy family St. Joseph and Virgin Mary who have constant check over the young minds.

Advice For Students to Score High Marks in their Exams

Father Arnaud gives advice students who wish to secure high marks and have high plans for their future ahead. Students should not become marks and grades oriented and should believe in acquiring greater knowledge and skills. We should not put an end to our studies as the things we have learnt are just a drop in the mighty ocean. We should not worry about our decisions on choosing the wrong courses but continue it till the very end irrespective of the results. He also stresses on the point that students should avoid joining in any social media websites as it causes great distraction and is definitely a waste of time.


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