Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

A wedding is a lovely celebration of the union of two souls. Awedding ceremony is made of many elements which emphasize on the celebration, worship, reflection of joy as well the community. Dignity, respect and last but not least, love. There is no specific wedding ceremony pattern according to the Bible, leaving room for creative touches according to the wishes of the bride and the groom. At the end of the day your wedding is a testimony before God about your promise to love and respect each other till death do you part.

In recent times, thewedding ceremony has imbibed many new events to make it a more memorable and lovely experience for the couple, their families and their guests.  Wedding event managers recommend having the wedding party pictures taken at least 90 minutes before the starting of the ceremony to ensure that everyone looks fresh and sharp.  With the traffic being extremely unpredictable, it would be a good idea to have the entire wedding party assembled at the location at least fifteen minutes before the ceremony is about to start. Hiring a wedding event management sites, like, Blue Wings Weddings, Soleil Bliss, etc. can help ensure that everything goes according to plan without a hitch.

If you want yourwedding to be perfect in every sense, experts advise learning more about the biblical significance of the wedding traditions, by browsing sites like It will make your ceremony more heart-warming as you accept you partner for life in front of God and your family. As in most wedding ceremonies, the parents have an important role to play in this very important chapter of their kids’ lives. The bride and groom’s parents and grandparents offer their blessing to the couple thereby honouring the older marriage unions in the family.

As the wedding ceremony is about to start the Minister and the Groom make their way to the front from the stage right. This is followed by the Groomsmen who escort the Bridesmaids down the aisle, one by one.  The Best man then escorts the Maid of honour down the aisle. The next appearance is by the Flower girl and the Ring bearer. Once everyone is in place, the wedding march is played and the Bride enters the escorted by her father. Usually this is when the Bride’s mother stands up, which is a signal for the remaining guests to stand. This is followed by the opening prayer and finally the giving away off the Bride by the father.

As the wedding vows are exchanged between the Bride and the Groom, they face each other and at the end, exchange their rings. They are pronounced as husband and wife after the lighting of the Unity candle, thereby concluding ceremony. The closing prayer symbolizes the ending of the ceremony. The ushers then help the guests find their way out of the Church. A deeper understanding of the various events of the ceremony will make the special day more meaningful as you get ready to start your new life with your partner.

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