Interesting facts about Jesus Christ and Christianity

Interesting facts about Jesus Christ and Christianity

Probably all of us have heard and know the basic facts about Jesus. He is the founder of Christian Catholic religion and is often called either the Son of God or God himself. But, thanks to the research of several talented scientists and historians, new information has been revealed about the life of Jesus. Facts, many of which people never knew about. Read on, to find out what these facts are, about the life of the Jesus of Nazareth.

Facts About Jesus You May Not Know

The date of the birth discrepancy. People celebrate Christmas all over the world. They do so, in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The majority of humans count the number of years dating from this date of birth. Which means it is 2019 because the birth of Jesus was the year 0 to start from. According to the latest researches, Jesus was not born on the 24th of December.

The researches connect the biblical story of Jesus to the life of people who are mentioned in multiple historical documents. A good example is Herod, who died around 4. B.C but he is said to have played an essential role in the life of Jesus too. This is why researchers think that Jesus was born about 4-6 years before.

Jesus Is Said to Appear in The Old Testament

Although the Jewish do not acknowledge Jesus as a Prophet, he still has a crucial role in the Old Testament. According to many, the man who sheltered the Jews in the mountains when they were on the run was Jesus. This happened at the time of the Exodus. When the Jews ran away from the revenge of the Pharaoh from Egypt.

Jesus was more than an ordinary carpenter
Joseph, the father of Jesus, was a carpenter. Jesus also worked as a carpenter. But he also performed other duties such as construction works.
Jesus could speak several languages.

Apart from Hebrew, Jesus is said to have spoken at least two other languages. Many mention Aramaic and Greek as the two different languages he may have spoken. Due to the Romans ruling the area, he may even have had Latin skills.

Further exciting information details the assumption that Jesus may not have been handsome at all and that he had the divine power called kenosis. It’s a state of trance that people can only achieve by focused meditation.

While there is still so much to find out, these facts certainly bring people closer to knowing and understanding the real person behind who’s to become a Messiah of Christianity later on.


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